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Why Choose events500?


Familiar interface design, based on Microsoft Office products, helps make training fast and efficient.

Key Benefits

Time saving, accuracy and responding quickly to customer enquiries are amongst our main benefits. Scroll below for more.

Cost Benefits

Adds efficiency and eliminates paperwork by removing duplicate entry of data and booking details.
Familiar Screens
The technology benefits are familiar, consistent screens, based on Microsoft Office products minimising staff training.
Office Integration
Integration with Microsoft Office / Outlook is seamless.
Deployment of upgrades is quick, simple & effortless over the internet.
Tab Based Design
Limitless tabs can be opened simultaneously so that multiple bookings, companies & contacts can be accessed & worked on without the need to open & close numerous windows.
Reports & customer documentation are optionally exported to Excel, Word or PDF for local presentation or immediate mailing to customers or other parties.
Data Storage
Your data can be held in a Microsoft SQL Server database at your venue, ISP or anywhere on the ‘cloud’.
Key Benefits
Multiple Venues
Suitable for either a Single venue or organisations with multiple venues
Build sales strategies with comprehensive CRM functionality
Colour Proposals
Enhanced full colour proposal
Availability Tool
Online availability tool for meeting rooms, Christmas parties and special events.
Online Enquiries/Bookings
Tailored online enquiry and bookings forms
See Example
Comprehensive reporting made easy
Easy Bookings
Copy frequent bookings fast and seamlessly, ideal for repeat bookings
Task Diary
Automated task diary management to emulate booking process and improve conversion of enquiries to bookings.
Track Company, Agency or contact details and bookings
Cost Breakdown
Full cost breakdown by department per booking, to support division budget analysis
Document Tailoring
Optimise your bookings and maximise your profit by tailoring documentation with relevant upsell items
Eliminates Paperwork
Adds efficiency and eliminates paperwork by removing duplicate entry of data and booking details
Familiar Interface
Familiar interface design making training fast and efficient
Custom Installation
Each installation can be configured to suit your venues needs
Document Export
Reports and documents can easily export to Microsoft Word and Excel
Ongoing Support
Ongoing support and training if required
Stable and Flexible
Built on a Microsoft platform giving stability and flexibility
Cloud Installation
Can be installed as a Client Server application or in the cloud
Bespoke customisation can be developed where required.
Cost Benefits
Instant Quotation
Email your quotation the moment you get off the phone to your client. Giving you the opportunity to be the first venue to respond; showing your efficiency and professionalism to help convert the enquiry.
Comparison Reporting
Comparison reporting will show you which clients, event / meeting types, products & services are most profitable compared to others, guiding you towards marketing decisions and helping you maximise your profits.
Eradicates Double Entry
events500 eradicates double entry, our aim is to automate as much as possible to allow you to spend more time with your customers or prospecting for new business.
Chases Scheduled Automatically
Automatic chases scheduled at each step of the booking journey ensures key activities are completed, maximising your opportunity to upsell and increase your revenue.
The abbey Hotel
"Switching our M&E Diary system to events500 was not a difficult decision. Installation and training was conducted very efficiently and professionally, making it a simple and painless process. I can honestly say that every member of the teams across all hotels love it, a vast modern and up to date improvement on our previous diary."
Group Revenue Manager
Sarova Hotels
The national conference centre
"The ways in which events500 would benefit the National Conference Centre were clear from the start. It has saved time in our sales department by reducing their administration and paperwork significantly and this has improved their efficiency overall. For example, we’re able to replicate entire bookings from our regular customers at the click of a button. Finally, it was important that the changeover was as smooth as possible, both in terms of technology and staff training. Thanks to their professional trainers and in addition to the fact that the events500 is very user friendly, the software was up and running quickly and all the relevant members of the team were confident using the software by the end of the sessions."
National Conference Centre
Colchester United FC
"As a venue we have been using events500 as our sales system and booking diary for conference, meetings and corporate hospitality since August 2013 and have found this to be a great tool, easy to understand and follow from the initial booking through to the function sheet. As a Football Club and Conference venue our needs are quite varied and the developers have been very flexible and worked with us to meet our complex business needs to write new reports and talk through different ways to work with bookings on the system to cover all areas of our business and offer ongoing support to help with future developments."
Head of Sales
Colchester United FC
Braxted Park
"We have been working with events500 since June 2013 and must say that it has proven to a very good investment for us. Our sales office has become more time efficient because of the tasks you are able to complete at the press of the button....just brilliant. There is quite a lot to learn but the training and support given is excellent and I would fully recommend this management system to the wedding industry."
Sales & Marketing Manager
Braxted Park
Isla Gladstone hotel
"Our previous software was time consuming and the different programmes did not ‘talk’ to one another. events500 does do this and gives the user the option to view, print or manually adjust the documents produced. We are now able to respond and track business much more efficiently and can collate data more easily. Having the data hosted online means that any member of staff can access the programme as and when they need to either remotely or in house. I like the fact it feels familiar; being Windows based means it is easy to navigate and logical. The constant telephone support line is also reassuring."
Events Manager
Isla Gladstone
Captains Club hotel
"Switching to events500 was such an easy process. It is a very easy to learn programme and if ever we need any help, Support is always an email away and they respond very quickly. As well as the layout of the programme being easy to use, the format of all the documents events500 create are very clear and easy to read. The thing we love about events500 the most is that once you input all the information you require this then creates your quote, contract, function sheet and invoice. Saving us time (as before we were doing all of this separately!!) We would definitely recommend events500 to other hotels/Event businesses."
Events Administration Manager
Captains Club Hotel
The Kings arms hotel
"After looking at various different systems we chose events500 to replace our previous manual system due to its user friendly interface and great customer support. The installation process and initial training was well conducted and the support we have received thereafter has been excellent. New users have picked up the system quickly and the documents it produces have given us a much more professional approach. Overall the system has reduced the time spent on admin and reporting by two thirds allowing us more time to concentrate on sales and marketing our venue. We already have, and will continue to recommend it to other venues."
Sales & Events Manager
The Kings Arms Hotel
The bond company
"We were originally using an Excel based diary which was very hard to use as there was limited space for information especially for larger events. Monthly reports took an entire day whereas now we’re using events500 they only take 15 minutes! It's easy for all members of the team to find the information they need and very user friendly. Having an “all in one” system from enquiry to invoice is the best thing - it means I can send all my documents from one location instead of using lots of different programs. Our contracts and invoices look more professional and the function sheets have made running an event much easier. We have increased sales because we are not spending lots of time putting bookings into the system then repeating ourselves in an e-mail. Finally, whenever we're stuck, the support team are able to help us or show us what to do."
M & E Co-ordinator
The Bond Company
Oxwich bay hotel
"Our company has been using events500 since December 2012, and it has proven to be an excellent investment. The transfer over from our old system was seamless, and the support and assistance we've received from the company has been second to none. Since introducing the system, we've found that our booking process is noticeably more streamlined, and the additional management information that we can now extract through the report generation system is proving invaluable to the company as a whole."
Events Manager
Oxwich Bay Hotel
Blackwell grange
"events500 is extremely user friendly, fast, and has plenty of features to give you everything you need. It is easily picked up by new employees with its straight forward layout, it makes training a breeze. It has saved the office hours of time as reports can be pulled off quickly, events can be copied numerous times, and forecasting can be done in seconds. The chase/task system is something we use daily, to keep on top of enquiry chases, deposits required etc. this again, saves on time, but also on paperwork. Agile are always on hand for any queries, and are fantastic at looking at issues and solving them. They are constantly looking at new ways of improving the system. I would recommend this system to anyone who asked."
Meetings and Events Manager
Blackwell Grange
Complete Hotel services
"We chose and installed events500 in 3 properties in 2012 & have found it to be efficient, easy to use & fairly intuitive for users. In my opinion it represents good value for money. It is suitable for any small or medium sized hotel, our smallest property is just 10 bedrooms, and really does help to streamline & organise the sales process resulting in better levels of conversion. Agile Hospitality provide excellent support and are always open to ideas about how to develop the product. If we acquire other properties we will be installing events500 as soon as possible."
Managing Director
Complete Hotel Services
Plough and harrow hotel
"What first impressed me about events500 was the speed of which we could get a quote to the client, often before they came off the phone. There is no doubt in my mind this software has helped us increase sales. Put simply Great Product."
General Manager
Plough and Harrow Hotel
Clarion Hotel on Canterbury, Melbourne, Australia
"Events500 computer program is user friendly and easy to use. My bookings and enquiries are far more efficient and easily convertible. The reporting system is vast, straightforward and enables the extraction of a myriad of management information which has proved invaluable to operating a business. Previously we produced our function reports and event order sheets manually. The introduction of Events500 has streamlined this process allowing an easy extraction of quotations, confirmations, function sheets, kitchen sheets and invoices all from the one set of information. I have no hesitation in recommending this program to other venues."
Conference and Events Coordinator
Clarion Hotel on Canterbury, Melbourne, Australia
Marygreen manor hotel
"We decided to switch from our manual system to events500 to speed up the booking and confirmation process, also to make the reading of function and kitchen sheets a lot easier. The set up process was comprehensive, but was explained well and was worth the effort as it has made the whole booking and confirmation process more efficient. Thankfully I have not had to call the support team often and on the rare occasion that I have (usually human error) the issue has been dealt with swiftly. The ease of use of the system was the biggest selling point meaning training of staff to use the system didn’t take long at all. Thank you to All at events500 for helping making us a more efficient department."
Conference & Events
Marygreen Manor Hotel
The springs golf club
"Our events business was recorded using a function sheet and spread sheets, but it would become quite complicated for weddings and was subject to errors and inaccuracies.What a find event500 was! Customised to suit us, it logs all the information and breaks it down into departments. At the press of a button I can call up all relevant sales info, spend etc. As always a product is only as good as the info you put in. Thankfully, events500 is a logical piece of software that is very easy to use. It gives our customers professional looking contracts which can be updated or amended at the press of a button and then re-sent, so no more re-typing of letters. It also creates invoices, pro formas, function sheets and kitchen sheets all from one source. Questions/problems are dealt with immediately which is always key when you’re in the middle of something! Now we've got it I don’t know how we coped before!"
The Springs Golf Club
Adlington hall
"We had events500 installed in 2012, it is excellent, extremely flexible and now an essential tool both for bookings and analysing future business. With Agile on the end of the phone for all queries and questions, the support is 1st class.”
General Manager
Adlington Hall
Norfolk show ground
"We chose events500 having looked at a number of different software options over a period of almost a year. We felt that event500 is the software which best meets our needs as a busy venue as it is specifically designed for purpose. The interface is user friendly and easy to use and the team at events500 have also been incredibly friendly and supportive. Most importantly, events500 is the only software which not only meets our needs, but can also be hosted on our server rather than relying on a cloud option which does not work in our office due to Broadband capacities."
Events Co-ordinator
Norfolk Show Ground
Form cafe bars
"The booking system is very simple to use and easy to understand. The diary is the most used area and is set up specifically for our venues, it displays a clear overview of all our group bookings and parties. The system collates all the booking information inputted and displays in one simple function sheet, great for front of house staff. We find the function which allows us to create our bespoke event packages very beneficial, the function displays to the front of house team each item included in the package and also supports the financial aspects, splitting the overall cost into the correct cost centres making this process more efficient. We now also have an online booking capability."
Event Sales Manager
Forum Cafe Bars Ltd
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